Business travel is fraught with major risks such as natural disasters or terrorism as well as minor ones such as flight delays and pickpocketing. These risks may not only impact the way your firm does business but also impact your bottom line due to several costs that you might incur.

For instance, if your colleague misses a flight due to late arrival to airport and has to wait a while for boarding the next flight, then your firm may have to arrange for his/her accommodation at a decent place. Thus your firm would incur costs. But a travel assistance plan would cover for these expenses.


Our team will collect comprehensive details about the traveller’s journey including the routes to be taken, possible risks as well as details about any specific medical needs. We keep tracking the traveller’s movement and ensure that the traveller reaches the destination as planned. We alert travellers about unprecedented emergencies and also arrange for timely medical follow ups in case of an unfortunate event.

Bear in mind that the average cost of medical evacuation for an employee who is travelling abroad could range between $ 25000 and $ 30000. Our travel assistance plan offers protection against such financial expenditures and can have a significant positive impact on your firm’s bottom-line.


Get assistance for unforeseen medical emergencies as you travel


We support you with passport replacement via the embassy


Emergency passport replacement via Embassy


We offer protection from legal liabilities due to injury or damage to health or property of a third party whilst on a trip abroad. We also do end to end planning for your travel needs


With one of the largest network of assistance providers and corporate solutions, our customers can be sure that their safety is well looked after.

  • Manage a medical emergency or death during your travels
  • Notify family contact of the ensuing emergency
  • Continuous supply of food and beverages with emergency services
  • Offers travel and visa advice with complete itinerary planning
  • Arrange for replacement of essential lost items like passport
  • Monitoring your location and looking out for you during your travels
  • Staying in touch for any assistance throughout your journey
  • Tailor-made solutions to meet the needs of students, corporates, tourists, professionals, etc.
  • Assistance available across the globe, 24*7


Across the globe, more than 40% of business travellers work for firms which have no travel security policies. Incidentally, 28% of business travellers in India have admitted that security is their primary concern.

We are living in a world where various types of risks associated with travel are becoming more prominent. Imagine one of your colleagues losing his/her passport and being stranded in a foreign country. Such incidents would not only cause tremendous stress but would also result in your firm incurring tremendous expenditures to bail out your colleagues.

Being a customer of Across Assist would ensure that your firm is well prepared to combat such situations. All that your employee would need to do, is to call us and we would take care of the rest. From helping you to contact the embassy to managing the paperwork and having an emergency passport, you can trust us to salvage the situation.


Across Assist has a 24 X 7 Alarm Centre based in India. You can speak to our multilingual alarm centre specialists who can assist in any kind of emergency.

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Travel Assistance is an important form of security that safeguards your firm from financial risks and losses when your employees travel. There are lots of ways in which travel assistance can be useful. For example, Trip cancellation/interruption benefits help in reimbursing you for non-refundable trips, pre-paid holiday expenses up to the amount of the policy limits in case your trip is interrupted or cancelled for valid reasons.

A dedicated Helpline Number is shared with your policy. Your employee who is stranded can call on this number any time to connect with our Alarm Centre Coordinators to seek assistance 24*7.

Our high quality and customised travel assist solutions cater to the need of individual customers and corporate clients covering 32 locations worldwide before and during their journeys. Our customers can seek guidance from medical staff on travel health including vaccinations and disease risk, before travelling. Our emergency travel assistance via a 24*7 Alarm Centre and multi-lingual specialists are equipped to help travellers deal with logistical concerns and travel interruption whilst on the go. With proven logistical know how and expertise, Across Assist can become your ideal partner serving your emergency needs with a range of travel assistance services.

We assure you of a hassle free claims approval process that does not need a lot of paperwork at all. Get in touch with Across Assist using your registered email or phone number and our experienced staff will guide you through the procedure in a seamless and efficient fashion.

Across Assist with a Global Network of partners, provides a wide coverage with Alarm centres in 32 countries.

All European sectors can be booked under International (excluding USA and Canada) Travel Assistance Plan

You can contact us on toll free number, or you can contact us on

Pre-existing coverage in case of life threatening situation is covered
*All benefits are subject to the terms and conditions of the International Travel Assistance Plan – Specially designed for the passengers of IndiGo.

Travel assistance including insurance is valid only during the travel period within Europe countries

Emergency Medical Expenses Reimbursement
It covers both Hospitalisation and outpatient department (OPD) treatment expenses, subject to the terms and conditions. For details please read the Policy wording section.

Emergency Medical Evacuation & Repatriation of Remains
This benefit will cover cost incurred for an ambulance or any other emergency transportation and medical evacuation services, the transportation expenses would be limited to transporting the Insured from the place of loss to the nearest appropriate medical facility while traveling.

In the unfortunate event of the death of the Insured/ Insured Person whilst on a trip during the period of insurance, the Company shall, pay or reimburse the costs of transporting the mortal remains.

For details please read the Policy wording section.

Total loss of checked baggage
This benefit reimburses you up to sum insured specified under certificate if your luggage is lost while in the custody of the common carrier. For details please read the Policy wording section.

Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption
These benefits pays the cost of your IndiGo flight up to Sum Insured shown on policy certificate if you need to cancel your trip due to sickness, injury or loss of an immediate family member

Medical Assistance: 24x7 emergency assistance during travel including telephonic medical assistance

Concierge assistance: Pre-trip information, weather forecast, roadside assistance, dining referral and entertainment information, etc., during the stay

Family protection: 24x7 medical assistance, domestic roadside assistance including vehicle breakdown services and concierge services such as dining reservation assistance, home movers, etc., for family back home.

Travel Insurance: Comprehensive Insurance benefits underwritten by an IRDA approved Insurer


Across Assist has a 24 X 7 Alarm Centre based in India. You can speak to our multilingual alarm centre specialists who can assist in any kind of emergency.

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