We are not just prepared to respond to emergencies but also happy to provide the best medical assistance whenever you need it.

Our focus is to offer the best medical assistance when responding to medical emergencies, every time you call us.


Across Assist understands that colleagues deserve the best medical care. Therefore we ensure exceptional medical protection for your employees. We have extensive experience in managing medical treatment, spanning across decades, be it mild or severely complex cases. With a wealth of knowledge, we can swiftly handle challenges and provide tailored health and safety solutions for you.


Engaging us for emergency needs will ensure that precious time isn’t lost. We are always there when you need us for your emergency needs.


Get medical advice at comfort of your home


Widest coverage, so you can travel worry free


When in doubt, we help you get second opinion


With Across Assist, our customers around the globe can be absolutely certain that they are in safe hands with our wide range of assistance and corporate solutions.

  • Access services that are top class
  • Tie-ups with all major hospitals and insurances
  • Assistance that offers a worldwide footprint
  • Help you with health complications everywhere in the world
  • Get assistance anywhere in the world if there are health complications
  • Tailor solutions to cater to a variety of medical conditions


When your colleagues are travelling for business, their safety is of utmost importance. Thanks to our diverse and impactful offerings, their well being would be taken care off. If a medical emergency has to be reported and assistance is required, we are just a phone call away. Our trained and experienced staff will act decisively in any situation, always with the best interests of the patient as our primary focus.


Across Assist has a 24 X 7 Alarm Centre based in India. You can speak to our multilingual alarm centre specialists who can assist in any kind of emergency.

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You must call the dedicated Helpline Number which comes with your policy. Our Alarm Centre Coordinators are available 24*7 to assist you in your emergency.

Whether you are in India or overseas, we will be able to connect your call with our in-house doctors with the intention providing assistance that is seamless and effective during an emergency.

We have simple communications systems at Across Assist like email, phones and fax in place where our customers can get in touch with us in a hassle-free manner. The paperwork involved for claims is minimal and basically depends on the type of claim request raised.

At this time, Across Assist offers coverage in 200+ countries through Alarm Centres and our Global Network of partners.

Evacuations or repatriations from any destination across the globe can be organized in a very period of time by working with our network of aero-physicians and Across Assist’s in-house medical team. Any medical assistance required in this evacuation such as stretcher facilities for commercial airline transfers, repatriations using air ambulances or chartering special flights where there are multiple fatalities in the instance of the natural calamity can be initiated through Across Assist.

For domestic cases, decisions to repatriate or evacuate a patient will be take by our Medical Director and Coordinating Doctors available at our assistance Centre in India (Delhi). If the patient is located overseas, doctors available at strategic medical hubs will decide on the course of treatment including evacuation.

Yes, we are able to place the GOP to the hospitals PAN India for outpatient and inpatient treatment

We are able to provide to all type of ambulances in the country ACLS BCLS AIR Ambulance

Yes. We recommend that you contact us prior to the transfer, when you are placed on the transplant list; to discuss our aircraft/ground availability, payment arrangements and other details.

There are many reasons why health care in general is so expensive and none of them are good. We must provide service to anyone who calls +91-9818 1919 61 us regardless of their ability to pay. Still other patients belong to government mandate programs like Medicare and Medi Cal which do not pay the full cost of service. We, as are all health care providers, are prohibited from charging these programs, or their participants, (patients), any more than what these programs pay. As a result, our rates are set higher to make up for these short falls.


Across Assist has a 24 X 7 Alarm Centre based in India. You can speak to our multilingual alarm centre specialists who can assist in any kind of emergency.

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