It is pertinent to note that healthcare costs are growing at double the rate of inflation. If one is hospitalised, the expenses can cause a huge dent in one’s pocket. Therefore, one can reduce their risk of hospitalisation and take precautionary measures by investing in health monitoring and wellness. Our offerings are not just for individuals but also for businesses.

According to , more than 90% of business leaders believe that employee wellness can improve productivity and enhance performance.

A healthy workforce can also impact you firm’s bottom line. Healthy employees are less likely to suffer from pre-existing conditions or risk with respect to overall health. Therefore your premium outgoings would be lower.


Regular health monitoring is crucial to maintain one’s good health. It will also help you detect any health issues in advance and take adequate precautions. We offer a single window to transform individuals into healthy and engaged beings.

If you are a part of a firm and are looking for a dependable partner to regularly monitor the well-being of your employees, you must reach out to us. By availing of our offerings your employees will get converted into a vigorous workforce. Thus you can optimise your bandwidth, reduce costs and improve overall productivity.


Get valuable insights about your vitals


Get member access to nearby facilities


Receive consultation as well as action plans from healthcare experts that work for you


Unable to shed those extra pounds? Apart from exercise, diet plays a critical role in weight management. Track your diet and nutrition.


A protection plan that instantly secures your cards and wallet contents against loss & frauds.

We offer a wellness program that is effective for both organisations and individuals. Check out some of our prominent benefits

  • Wellness at workplace – You can avail of our wellness services at the comfort of your workplace
  • High engagement activities
  • Highly qualified coaches/ trainers
  • Diet trackers and plan-based nutrition consultation
  • Access to nearby gyms, clubs
  • Lab reports and health risk assessments
  • Overall employee wellbeing
  • Drastic reduction in medical expenses


Have you found it difficult to deal with conflicting advice and different service providers? It is time you experience our offerings first hand. We offer holistic wellness solutions for the on the move professional.

We also cater to organisations. More than % of Indian employers are spending close to a quarter of their payroll on providing health related benefits to their employees. Comparatively only 38% of employers in Asia Pacific nations spend so much.

With health complications on the rise, experts recommend leading a healthy lifestyle as much as possible. With the increasing demand for health and wellness programs on the rise, Across Assist offers the added advantage by including in telemedicine in this plan too. The trio of services are complementary and ensures that you receive 360 degree holistic care, that is easy and convenient to access, round the clock


Telemedicine enables delivering medical care from a distance using technology. Therefore, irrespective of your location, you can continue to avail of medical consultation from experts.

For organisations, telemedicine will enable your firm to reduce employee downtime and healthcare costs. Your employees are likely to be spread across multiple regions. Sometimes, it could get difficult for them to access credible medical care. Some of them might be working from areas where medical care is absent. Telemedicine makes it possible to aspire offering uniform medical care and health related insights to various employees across locations.

Teleconsultation can be sought from doctors via audio or video or chat options rather than visiting in person. Doctors would provide both the treatment plan as well as prescriptions.

Here are some benefits of TELEMEDICINE / teleconsultation:

Online Consultation – Your employees can interact with MBBS doctors and seek consultation from the comfort of their residence/office. The doctors will diagnose symptoms and offer prescriptions.

Medicine delivery – Through our service you can enjoy the benefit of receiving medicines at their doorstep thanks to our tie ups with medicine delivery partners.

Leveraging technology to communicate – There are multiple communication modes -> / Video/Chat through which your employees can engage with doctors.

Calls for a Month- (Unlimited) – his product is monthly renewable product and hence, service shall be offered for a month if not renewed

Call Back In case of scheduled call – You can schedule call backs according to your convenience. The same would be handled by the alarm centre or a doctor.

Enjoy consultation in language of your choice – Consultation can be offered in multiple major Indian languages

Round the clock consultation available – Consultation from our medical experts is available – 24 *7

Regular Health checkups – One can avail of regular health check ups to monitor their well being

Your employees can also avail of regular health check-ups to monitor their well-being.

Set reminders for taking medicines – Timely reminders can be set to take medicines

Health assessment – Our accurate BMI calculator can be used to assess one’s health


Across Assist has a 24 X 7 Alarm Centre based in India. You can speak to our multilingual alarm centre specialists who can assist in any kind of emergency.

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Telemedicine services by Across Assist offers preventive healthcare services. Here are the conditions that your employees can typically consult our medical experts for:

A General Physician is normally the first consultation for any medical condition. Keeping in line with the goal of Preventive Healthcare, our medical experts help your employees by addressing your emergency or non-emergency medical conditions via our telemedicine service. Your employees along with their immediate family members can benefit from this service.

Our customer service representatives are available 24*7 to book your appointment as per the convenience of your employees. They can be reached by calling 88222247247- Currently, our system has enabled two days of advance bookings/appointments with doctorThere are two types of appointments – Waiting and - Scheduled Waiting Appointment. For Waiting appointment, it connects the patient to the doctor - immediately in the next available time slotScheduled Appointments involve booking the patient’s preferred time slot for a doctor consultation in advance.If the patient misses an appointment, then the patient can call our customer service on the helpline number to check for the next available time slots for doctor consultation.Subsequently, the patient can also book an appointment as per their slot preference.

Since this plan can be renewed annually, – the patient can avail unlimited doctor consultations per year.

With your policy, you are given a dedicated Helpline Number where our Alarm Centre Coordinators are available 24*7 for assistance

At Across Assist we keep assistance hassle free with communication by email or by fax / phone call. For claims cases, the paperwork is minimal and is restricted to the type of claim requested.

Across Assist with a Global Network of partners, provides PAN India coverage with Alarm centres.


Across Assist has a 24 X 7 Alarm Centre based in India. You can speak to our multilingual alarm centre specialists who can assist in any kind of emergency.

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